Fly Delta Platform

To position Delta as a travel brand for the future, the airline needed an updated digital experience for traveler. The challenge lay in creating an easier, more streamlined experience with a fresh look and feel, while making the most of the existing kiosks’ limitations. Now, not only can users enjoy quicker check-in and easy upgrades, but accessible perks and lush, location-based home screen photography remind them that travel is, once again, enjoyable.

Agency: AKQA     Role: Art Director            

Prior to the Kiosk as an initial part of the Delta Fly platform I worked on the Delta Fly app. This was the first app to use mobile boarding pass. Apple recognized this innovation and featured the app on its TV and Print ads.



Future Vision

The Delta Kiosk Future Vision is a forward-thinking roadmap for adapting the kiosk experience to emerging technologies. Its ideas were crafted for the multi-device users of the future, to anticipate their needs, provide intelligent interaction, and guide them easily through the airport… and to their destination.

Agency: AKQA     Role: Art Director